Thursday, October 20, 2016

A 40 year plan

I really feel like we have come to the culmination of a 40 or so year plan, hatched in the immediate aftermath of the Vietnam War.  It involves the CIA.  I will remind you that John Brennan, the current head of the CIA, voted for the Communist in 1976, which means an agency largely formed to COMBAT Communism is being led by someone who admits he was one at one time.

It involves multinational banks, which is why some of the most damaging speeches Hillary gave were to bankers.

And it involves the Clintons.  And it obviously involves the people who own and run most of our media conglomerates.

Who else, I cannot say.  They either get what they want November 8, or the whole plan goes to shit.  Either way, we will have decided as a people who we want to be, and if we choose tyranny, we will get it, and many of us will deserve it.  Certainly, the spiritual gestalt of America will have chosen something.  No one, now, can truly plead ignorance.  Not now.  There is only willful ignorance, and willful misunderstanding.  And people who are "stupiding"--the conscious act of being stupid--will have done so of their own free will, and will be responsible for the outcome.  They cannot say they didn't know.  They knew.

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