Saturday, October 29, 2016

A note to Trump

It's much too late to turn back.  If you lose, you cannot go back to being who you were.  You are now a threat to Hillary and a criminal system, which can punish you in many ways.

We are starting to see censorship, the purging of alternative opinions, of the consolidation of power in silence by a criminal elite.  None of those things bode well for your future, or that of most of us.

Moreover, if we put Hillary in place, our economy will over some fairly short time horizon crash.  Your entire empire depends in large measure on some degree of economic prosperity.

Worse, she seems to WANT nuclear war.  If the Russians attack us, or the Iranians are able to set off an EMP, all your work is done, gone, useless.  Your world will fall apart.

Hillary has much more money to spend than your campaign, but you yourself can make up that difference.  That is one of the best things about your campaign.

You can't go back now.  Victory is your only salvation. Seemingly, it is OUR only salvation.

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