Saturday, October 1, 2016

Alicia Machado

If it is wrong to criticize someone whose JOB is to be beautiful for getting fat, is it wrong for Simon Cowell to criticize people who can't sing?  Voice shaming?

If your food is poorly prepared, is it wrong to send it back?  Chef shaming?

If your landscaper does a shitty job mowing your lawn, is it wrong to ask that it be done right?  Landscape shaming?

In the first place, Donald Trump seems to have been a class act.  HE was being pressured to fire her, because she was failing at her job, but he protected her.  Watch this video, from when CNN considered him one of their own:

In the second place, we need to understand we are seeing literal efforts at mind control.  We are seeing coordinated efforts across nearly all news outlets to shape public opinion in SPECIFIC ways.  Trump has done poorly with college educated women, and they are clearly trying to get all these women to simultaneously say "Poor woman!!"', and consider Trump a big meany head, despite his many decades of obvious efforts to include women in his organization and offer them opportunities.

And it is ODD to me that people want a woman President, but someone consider it Trumps job to treat her like a lady.  Why would the rest of the world do that, and why should Trump do that?  Either you are fucking up to the job or you aren't.  Clearly, Hillary is a dragon lady, who has likely ordered, with Bill, the murder of dozens of people.  She is not a timid little flower, and it is the height of hypocrisy to say women can do what men can do, but that they should be treated differently.

And Hillary has a LONG history not of calling women Miss Piggy, but threatening them with physical and political and social violence.  She started when she psychologically tortured a raped 12 year old girl in order to get a guilty man off virtually scot-free.  And it plainly continued as Bill has left a swathe of traumatized women in his wake everywhere he has gone.

Kathleen Willey:

she says Mrs. Clinton, the former secretary of state, has a history of trying to silence the multiple women her husband has slept with, sexually assaulted or sexually harassed since his 1980s Arkansas days.
'She enabled his behavior. It's as simple as that. She looks the other way,' Willey told radio host Aaron Klein on Sunday. 
'She might throw a tantrum, but she enabled it to happen again and again and again and again. And then she chooses to go after the women that he hooks up with, to ruin them again and again and again and again. And that's how it works.'


But I mean, cats went missing. My wonderful German Shepherd–big girl, never left my side. Disappeared into clear air for three days. I mean, I was absolutely panicked trying to find her… and three days later she just reappears…
I came home and found a beautiful, one-year old healthy cat dead on the deck of my house, and the only way to get to my deck of my house is through my house. It has no access to the yard.
I mean, I found a man in the middle of the night at the door of my walkout basement. I opened my car door, my tires were all slashed. Somebody found the car, found me, and flattened three tires with a nail gun.
I opened up my car door one day and there was an unidentified, strange cell phone sitting right in the driver’s seat.
Willey has also said that she received threats against herself and against her children by name.
She recalled that late English author Christopher Hitchens filed an affidavit against his former longtime friend, Clinton aide Sidney Blumenthal, detailing the contents of a lunch conversation in which Blumenthal indicated there was a campaign afoot to smear Willey. 
Hitchens wrote about that lunch talk and his affidavit in an April 30, 1999 Vanity Fairarticle titled, “I’ll Never Eat Lunch in this Town Again.”

Connect the dots with the Clinton Body count.  Nobody else in modern political history has had a body count like this: 

We KNOW that the FBI has been corrupted.  They no longer work primarily for the American people . We KNOW the IRS has been corrupted, and never held accountable.  What happens when we put serial killers back in the White House in an age when half the country no longer CARES about the rule of law (as demonstrated obviously by the fact that Hillary is still a viable candidate)?  When they have been conditioned to treat disagreement as hate speech and an act of violence?

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