Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Another day, another reason Hillary needs to be in jail, another FAILURE BY OUR GOVERNMENT


The evidence that Hillary broke Federal campaign law is in my view indisputable.  Does anyone expect anyone in our government to do the right thing and launch an investigation?  Do you expect any arrests?

And I suspect that anyone caught violating campaign law is likely rendered ineligible to hold office.  It would be a logical concomitant of the law, a logical next step to prevent repeat violations.

And as Trump rightly noted, the mere fact that Hillary plainly destroyed evidence after receiving a subpoena should ALONE prevent her from holding higher office.  But Comey is a dirty cop, as they say, clearly, and undeniably.  The motherfucker sold out his country, and betrayed his duty as a sworn defender of the American people and our laws.

And what about the hundreds of thousands of dollars funneled to the wife of the lead investigator?  At WHAT POINT DO THE PEOPLE WE ARE TRUSTING TO DO THEIR JOBS START DOING THEIR FUCKING JOBS?

Cops on the take are supposed to be Latin American problems.  Well, I guess that is one more thing Wonder Boy Obama has allowed across the border.

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