Sunday, October 9, 2016

Apology Culture

I haven't seen this phrase yet.  Educated upper middle class white Americans seem to be developing a type of virtue signalling oriented around apologies.  If someone claims "offense", the offender MUST immediately apologize, or they are labeled non-compliant dissidents (which is to say whatever -ist, plus a couple more thrown in for good measure, is relevant).

This is a form of emotional abuse, because in many cases the "crime" is not recognized as such by the offender.

Both Tim Kaine and Hillary made as much as they could of Trumps refusal to apologize very much.  He did apologize for the "male bullshit" comments, but they wanted so much more.

I think his instincts are good on this.  How often have we seen good candidates like, say, Herman Cain, forced into positions of abject shame by the Apology Police? We accused you, they say, NOW YOU BOW!!!!!

Trump is thinking "fuck these people".  Yes, of course, there is a role for courtesy to play in all this, but that is not the way this game is played.  They are not asking for common courtesy, and they are SURE AS FUCK not extending it.  They are demanding the right to dictate the rules of engagement, and by doing so, an enormous advantage in the overall social and political dynamic.

You can't play games by other peoples rules and expect to win.

Trump chose, as I recall, when the subject of apologies came up, to transition to the emails, which was likely good, because it brought the whole server thing up, and he pounded her with it.

But has Hillary apologized to the families of those who fell in Benghazi for calling them liars?  Did she ever apologize to Kathy Shelton or Juanita Broaddrick?  The list of people she owes apologies to is much longer than I care to get into at the moment.  Hell, did she ever apologize to Paula Jones for calling her, as I recall "Trailer trash"?  They were all right there.

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