Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Assassination Inc.

I was thinking about all this.  I added to it the 2 gay men in Obama's church who were gunned down, in their apartments, "execution style" and no arrests or leads or motive ever uncovered.

As someone who retains in their conscious awareness the notion that much of history has CONSISTED in conspiracies of various sorts, I see no reason to believe that in the modern era this has somehow ceased to be the case.   I not only see no reason to trust the "information age" in the main--although it clearly has opened up websites and ideas which were much more hidden in the past--but see plenty of reason to believe that the centralization of the control of information has made it EASIER to cover things up.  People trust the media, so all you have to do is buy the media.

But a key error people trying to piece together hidden patterns and knowledge of various sorts--I am trying to avoid using the phrase "conspiracy theorist" and realizing at this moment how INTERESTING it is that the Left is trying to get people to conflate it with "kook"--make is that they assume all actions are interwoven seamlessly and that one group controls all the levers.

I was wondering specifically about my own safety. It is not impossible I have some influence and that it might be more convenient to someone if I were dead.  How the process of killing me and making sure you got away with it work?

And here is what presented itself to me:  What if there exists a business whose sole purpose is covering up the crimes of others?  What if they buy and train people and spend decades getting them into the right places?  What if they use people they have placed previously in order to build the careers of their replacements?  It would be a self sustaining operation.  The people in place get guaranteed careers, and hidden perks of some sort, and cash or other payouts if and when they are needed.

It is quite possible the people who put Obama in place differ in their interests and goals from those who want to put Hillary in place, but both might need people removed here and there, and both might go to the same operator in the shadows, whose name is only known to a few.

They organize their own operations, but to be sure they get away with it, they use Organization X, whose members they will never know, and don't care about.  But they have police detectives working for them, politicians, administrators, Federal investigators of various sorts, and given enough notice, they can be sure their people respond to planned events of various sorts.

I have never seen quite this idea out there.  I will say I am feeling quite good about things in general, and my life is going well.  My tires on my car are good, and my overall health and agility quite sound.

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