Thursday, October 27, 2016


I was thinking tonight that both the statements "everything I do is in my control", and "nothing I do is within my control" are both contingently true.  Sometimes it is useful to exaggerate and build your ability to control your behavior, and sometimes it is useful to exaggerate your inner knowing, your spontaneity, and simple have faith things will work out.

And as I ponder it, a wave function appears to me.  It goes up and down.  And what is it doing?  Searching for what is most true in any moment.

Truth--particularly moral truth--is not built as an eternal structure, like the Parthenon was in principle.  It does not have unmoving columns and an immense roof to support.  It is more like a dance, or the engagement by a predator with its prey.  No hunting animal hunts exactly the same way twice, but all hunt in similar ways all the time.  It is the same, and it is different.

So much is lost when we attempt to make things of ideas, rather than processes, emergences, happenings. insights, music.

You cannot think your way into truth, but you can think your way out of it.  You can quote me on that.

I was watching an interview with Andrei Tarkovsky last night--I got special reels with both The Sacrifice and Stalker I had not previously noticed--and he was commenting, as he watched a small creek flow by, that thinking about reality doesn't interest him, but participating in it does.

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