Sunday, October 23, 2016

Blacks are not flimsy, stupid or weak

This should be obvious beyond the need for saying, but the entirety of the Leftist program to "rescue" them depends upon highly racist notions as to their incapacity for taking care of themselves.  Absent the whites, and their care, they are told, they can't do or be or accomplish anything.

I wanted to share a small anecdote on this score.

I was in a part of town last week where every time I go out to my car somebody hits me up for something.  I was asked to help a man with a trach (who was smoking through his mouth) get his keys out of his locked car.  I was hit up for spare change twice.

Well, as a reversal, this old black man was walking by smoking a scented cigarillo, and asks me if I needed change for the meter.  I told him no, but thank you.  He looks at me with a conspiratorial smile--I had probably frowned at him initially because I thought he too was going to ask for, rather than offer, money--and says "the old man says "you don't have to like all niggers, just ME."  And he laughed heartily. I laughed too.  You couldn't help but like this guy.

And I don't doubt for one moment that in his life he has been called that name, that he has encountered genuine racism, and that he has had hard times in his life.  But you know what?  Both of my grandparents had hard times too.  They didn't have to tag racism on top of it, but life was not easy a couple generations ago. Both of grandfathers were beaten regularly.  One ran away at 15.  Both went hungry often.

And what I thought was that black people are resilient, and that the worst thing that ever happened to them is when they trusted white people to look out for them.  White politicians--or even black politicians riding the same gravy train--haven't, can't, and won't do it.  Obama didn't do it.  Hillary won't do it.

Just ponder all the rich while people out there pandering to blacks, promising them the moon and stars, and telling them the sky will fall in and the world be engulfed in darkness if they trust Republicans with anything.

As Trump says, 50 years is enough.  If they vote Hillary, they will get what they got with Obama: free phones in a few swing states, and otherwise continuing economic decline, no jobs, failing schools, and no reason for hope.

School choice clearly will make a difference, and I trust Trump to finally bust these fucking gangsters who run the teachers unions at the considerable expense of the children we continue to foolishly entrust to their care.

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