Friday, October 7, 2016

Bon mot

I prefer the risk of failure to the certainty of failure.

The risk of failure, at this juncture, was nominating Donald Trump for President.  Obviously, he is hard to predict.  However, he was the only one with the balls to fight the good fight.  Everybody else who eventually developed opinions was following him. (I don't include Rand Paul in this: but without Trump's money and fame and instinct for survival he was always going to get sidelined by the same power elite whose attacks Trump has miraculously endured and countered).

Thus, in my estimation everyone else was CERTAIN to let us down.

Trump may yet fail, but he also may yet take this setback and turn it into a massive opportunity.  This opens up a whole new ballgame, because Hillary went there, and Trump is not a pussy, and Bill is actually the predator they are trying to paint Trump as.

It would likely be good for Trump to get a bunch of women to testify as to his character, including his ex-wives, with whom he, in my understanding, maintains good relationships.

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