Monday, October 17, 2016


This is an interesting article on Dada:

I became very interested in Dada when I was 18 or so.  The reason why was not clear to me then, but I would suppose it represented to me a release of a wound spring that was otherwise impossible for me.

Without commenting too much (although I will relink my paper on it.  Actually, this is quote worthy

Through an interesting twist, we wind up in a position that since all narratives are equal, we can only condemn our own. And since all narratives are bad, and since we have a narrative, it needs to be condemned. And since we just deconstructed our own narrative, we can no longer deconstruct anyone elses. We have no tools, no criteria, by which to do this. Our own notions of justice have been jettisoned, so we will have to use those of others. 
That was percipient, if I do say so myself.

But the point I had originally intended to make was that all this destructive energy also had the hope of creation behind it, and it was PLAYFUL.  There is none of that in the modern climate, which is angry, bitter, argumentative, divisive and mean.

And I will remind folks that Donald Trump DOES like to play.  He likes appearing on soap operas, and pro Wrestling, and things like that.  He thinks its funny.

And so, so many women have come forward to say that he is a gentleman and the charges against him fabricated.  But CNN and NBC won't cover those, will they?

The fix is in.  We are living in an ugly, ugly time, filled with ugly, ugly people.  Trump is not one of them. 

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