Sunday, October 16, 2016

Danney Williams

I continue to think if Danney Williams were at the last debate, Trump can mention it, and use it as a way of telling the American people that important stories are being concealed from them, that CNN--and he can name the outlets--are simply not reporting important stories, at the same time they are doing ZERO fact checking on these sudden and decades late complaints about Trump.

And I think there is a racial angle as well: it is likely a factor that Bill can't own Danney--can't admit he is the father--just because he was conceived out of wedlock, but because he is half BLACK. And Bill was clearly taking advantage of his mothers poverty as well.

And Danney can look Bill and Hillary in the eyes, in all likelihood. He know his father is not a good person, but it would still be good to see him.

I do feel many Americans are waking up.  I obviously wish I had a crystal ball to see if that is true, and how this story ends, but I am quite convinced the complicit media polls are not even a remotely acceptable substitute.

Among other things, I think we will see record turnout from ordinary Americans who usually don't vote, and I would suspect millions of black voters who were eager to vote for Obama will simply stay home.  Hillary is The Man too.

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