Monday, October 24, 2016

Dealing with the Headless Ones

Trump has balls.  Political courage makes a lot of things possible.

Here is an idea: require all recipients of Federal educational funding--all universities and colleges--to require all students to undergo one hour a year of training in conservative ideas.  If they don't do it--and I have in mind requiring students to watch an hour of PragerU videos and taking short quizzes on them--they get their funding pulled.

The level of indoctrination at most universities is Orwellian.  It is Stalinesque (really, Lenin started everything Stalin continued, but Stalin's name seems to evoke more emotion).

These kids obviously are getting plenty of left wing indoctrination, so that side of the coin is obviously going well represented.

We cannot continue as a nation of two completely different mindsets when it comes to politics, which cannot interact in any way. I can talk to Leftists, but they can't talk to me.  They just start shouting and frothing at the mouth.

And I think Trump could likely do this with Executive Order.  Yes, of course all of us have been bemoaning Obama's use of Executive Orders, but to my mind this cause would be worth it.  Most of these kids literally have NO IDEA why someone would vote Republican, and absent an outside intervention no one will teach them.  They close their ears and stop listening any time someone tries.

And I fully expect many of them to become more violent--there has been quite a bit of violence already--if Trump wins.

We are fighting for sanity.  Sanity is a good cause.

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