Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Debate ideas

It seems to me Trump needs to frame the contrast on issues

"You really do have a choice this election. Do you stand for the rule of law or don't you? Do you want to avoid pointless wars, or do you want to put our men and women in harms way because that is what the Saudis want? Do you want people coming to this country to start new and better lives, or coming here to abuse our hospitality and attack us? Do you a new beginning for all those who lost their jobs to NAFTA and harmful economic policies, or do you want MORE of what shuttered Detroit. You'll get it with Hillary.

Look I am no saint but I love this country, and even if I had done EVERYTHING they tried to pin on me, my list of offenses would not be a small FRACTION of what Bill and Hillary have done. Not even close.

You and your children will feel the effects of your choice in November. This really is a vote for our future. Do we make it better or, (look at Hillary) WORSE? The choice is yours.

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