Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Debate Part two

You know, this is a bit OCD since I know I don't really matter.  I know, too, of the tests where people try to determine how much control they have, and most people considerably overestimate it.  I would be in the very top tip of the curve on that.  Still, those people are the least depressed.

Still, for my magical socks:

I think nuclear war with Russia should definitely be put on the table.  Top Russian officials have talked about it, we seem to have just sent an advance contingent of Marines to Norway to dust off some old staging areas, and Moscow is actively conducting drills. It may be sabre rattling, but what if it isn't?

And the bigger point is WHY ARE WE IN CONFLICT WITH RUSSIA IN THE FIRST PLACE?   WHY?  We have no interests in Syria.  SAUDI ARABIA and QATAR have interests in Syria, and they are the ones both funding ISIS, and sending huge sums to the Clintons.  Bill got a $1 million check from Qatar for his birthday.  ONE MILLION DOLLARS.  You don't think that is enough to influence policy among amoral people?  Fuck yes it is.

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