Tuesday, October 25, 2016


I have spoken before of a forest as a metaphor for a complex system.  The trees--of all sorts--and lichens, and moss, and squirrels, and grasses, and everything else come over some time to form a harmonious whole.
We speak of an eco-SYSTEM.  They all go together.

This differs tremendously from, say, a cherry orchard, which needs work and care to flourish.  It is not inherently resilient. It was brought into being artificially, and perishes or diminishes if they care goes missing for too long.  That, or it becomes a complex system, as other plants and animals slowly take hold.

Wanting a single ideas to dominate any sort of discourse is the equivalent of killing everything in a forest but one single species.  You have the one thing, pristine, pure, but it cannot live on its own.  It must be continually refreshed, fed, watered, cared for.

People who are fed only one idea because weak and dependent.  They are not resilient.  They require constant care.

One can make philosophical cases here and there, but psychologically and sociologically what is happening at our colleges is profoundly unhealthy.  It is breeding sick people who will suffer all their lives with their lack of agency, lack of independence, and their inbred infantilism.

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