Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Doublethink is here.

Joy Behar--who is paid to do what she does, and who therefore is technically a "professional", and who as a professional no doubt knows what the allegations are, and who made them--calls the four women Trump invited to the debate Sunday night "tramps".  Exact quote, in response to the rhetorical question as to how Hillary could have framed the presence of those women in a way "America would understand".: "I would like to apologize to those tramps who have slept with my husband."  http://www.infowars.com/the-views-joy-behar-calls-bill-clintons-rape-victims-tramps-liberal-audience-laughs/

The audience laughed.  They love Joy.  They love all the girls.  They love their high spirited discussions, their compassion, their soul.  They feel with them.

And the whole thing is bullshit.


We are being told they asked for it, they are sluts, they are lying.  Do you see that this shows the fundamentally superficial level of understanding and actual compassion on these issues?  People are not GETTING that rape is wrong, and that victims need compassion.  They have simply been coerced through social pressure into using WORDS in certain contexts in socially approved ways.  That is IT.

This is the thing: you cannot get understanding through bullying.  You cannot built social empathy through force. You cannot build a healthy, robust, genuinely diverse society through intimidation.  And we don't have one.  We are not a mature society.  We are not grown ups, able to deal with a variety of thoughts and ideas and ways of life in a genuinely tolerant, open hearted, open minded way.

Far from it: we are a nation of morally and emotionally and intellectual superficial drones who have simply been trained like Pavlovian dogs to repeat uncritically whatever they see on TV.  Without TV, without continuous reinforcement, they don't know WHAT to do.

If Juanita Broaddrick were accusing Donald Trump of rape, and she was up there crying while being retraumatized telling her story, not one eye in that audience would be dry, guaranteed.

Walk up to the average Hillary voter (and obviously I think most Trump supporters are sane, since voting for Hillary is insane), and ask them "what do you think about X?", and they may as well respond "I don't know.  Let me turn on the TV and I'll tell you in a minute."  This is literally true.

And we need to be clear the professional Left--the core the Cultural Sadeist conspiracy--KNOWS THIS.  We read from Wikileaks:

“And as I’ve mentioned, we’ve all been quite content to demean government, drop civics and in general conspire to produce an unaware and compliant citizenry,”   From here: http://www.infowars.com/clinton-campaign-email-outlines-effort-to-produce-an-unaware-and-compliant-citizenry/

Back in the 1950 sociologist David Riesman wrote a book titled "The Lonely Crowd".   He talked about the evolution of sense of self from tradition, to inner directed (the people who wrote the Constitution, and who were true Liberals, because they valued and understood the importance of freedom for self development), to what he called "other directed".  In their summary, Wikipedia has this to say:

Riesman and his researchers found that other-directed people were flexible and willing to accommodate others to gain approval. Because large organizations preferred this type of personality, it became indispensable to the institutions that thrived with the growth of industry in America. As Riesman writes, "The other-directed person wants to be loved rather than esteemed," not necessarily to control others but to relate to them. Those who are other-directed need assurance that they are emotionally in tune with others. By the 1940s, the other-directed character was beginning to dominate society. Today the triumph of this type of social personality is complete. If one applies the other-direction criteria to everyday actors as portrayed in modern culture, for example, the other-directed person is easy to identify.[original research?] 
This defined the middle class that no longer had the material needed to cling to past life standards to form a cohesive society. But since the other-directed could only identify themselves through references to others in their communities (and what they earned, owned, consumed, believed in) they inherently were restricted in their ability to know themselves. Riesman's book argues that although other-directed individuals are crucial for the smooth functioning of the modern organization, the value of autonomy is compromised. The Lonely Crowd also argues that society dominated by the other-directed faces profound deficiencies in leadership, individual self-knowledge, and human potential.

As I think about it, could you find a better summation of why we have the two candidates we have?  One, a career criminal and apparently psychopathic liar, and the other an intellectually superficial man whose main virtue is that he does his own thing even when, in our other directed society, considerable pressure is placed on him to conform.  He may be a narcissist.  I don't know.  But he is his own man.  You might say he is his own brand.  He stands out, and that is unusual.

But can you see the absolutely obvious connection between doublethink and "other direction"?  When the evidence of your eyes and the words of those around you conflict, what do you do?  You believe the people and the words. There remains no principle--not even the idea of a principle--to which you can refer for an alternative possibility.

[This reminds me of a very short Sufi teaching story: "Last night a voice whispered to me in the dark 'there is no such thing as voices whispering in the dark.'"]

This is why the women in the audience laughed at Behar--they had no other choice.  Should they have stood up and booed?  Likely.  But then they would have been DISLIKED.

Other direction is inherently callow and superficial.  You cannot cling to any one emotion or view too strongly, or when it changes, when the mood and needs of the media change, you might find yourself alone, adrift, lost in unfamiliar emotional seas.

Self evidently, I am strongly inner directed.  This is my great virtue.  I am prepared to spend my life alone in order to see the world with my own eyes, to feel my own emotions. to know my own self.  This is the PURPOSE OF LIFE.  This is why we are here.  We are not here to mimic others.  We are certainly not here to be the playthings and tools of self absorbed psychopaths.

I will make one last comment: the Republican Party is now ALSO dominated by Other Directed people.  It has become a plaything of the Left, to be manipulated, now, almost at will.  Read this column by former conservative George Will: https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/donald-trumps-vile-candidacy-is-chemotherapy-for-the-gop/2016/10/10/73e40f30-8f05-11e6-9c85-ac42097b8cc0_story.html?utm_term=.929b4c0a6d50&wpisrc=nl_popns&wpmm=1 

Back in the 1950's William F. Buckley, Jr. stated his aim as getting the most conservative viable candidate in office. This is a simple and reasonable proposition.

What you will note is that Will made no mention of policies: no mention of Hillary's criminality, no mention of the future of our country when it is dominated by an activist and judicially perverted Supreme Court, no mention of the future of Republicans when tens of millions of illegal aliens are naturalized, and tens of millions more allowed in in her Open Borders policy.

No: Trump is tacky, and supporting him puts Will at risk of being socially tainted by someone who compares very favorably in every respect to John F. Kennedy, and for that matter, Bill Clinton.

This is not principle, other that of not identifying with socially unacceptable people, with the society in that phrase being largely defined by Will himself.

As an alleged conservative, he is actively conspiring to give Democrats a final victory.   Fuck him, fuck all of them.  They believe nothing.  We have become a nation of Other Directed butterflies.

Too many of us, at any rate.  There remain many good Americans.  At question is if there are enough.

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