Saturday, October 8, 2016

Grabbing by the nads

Trump is clearly someone who would have used the phrase "grab him by his balls" often.  Type A's use this phrase a lot.  To have somebody by the balls is another.

To grab a woman by her pussy is a logical extension of this.  It is a metaphor, not a description of fact.  Nobody ever physically grabs another man by his balls.

Again, there exists ZERO evidence that this man, who has had a high public profile for a very long time, and very large fortune eminently suitable for attacking with lawsuits, has actually engaged in any of the behavior described on the tape.  He has plainly cheated on 2 wives, but he has never hidden this.  Trump is very open as a person. He is gaudy and sometimes tacky, but he is what he is.

There is no Trump body count.  There is no long list of lawsuits, allegations, and charges.  There ARE brags about his prowess, and "locker room" banter, but again, contrast this with the complete absence of such words from Bill, despite his plain guilt.

Again, it is Bill who lied about Monica Lewinsky, about Gennifer Flowers, about Paula Jones.  Those three have been confirmed.  It seems quite reasonable to believe that he lied about Juanita Broaddrick, Kathleen Willey, and others.  He lies.  Hillary lies.  That is what they do.

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