Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Hillary as the Goddess of unacknowledged rage

She is the Queen of the machine, the keeper of the gates, the holder of the keys to our cages.

I will say more on this topic later, but for now I want to point out that EVERYBODY in America has by now been infiltrated with strong whispers of who this woman is and what she has done.  Even the most ardent "NANANANANANA" pluggers of the ears on Daily Cause KNOW on some level what she has done, and who she is.

But many still plan to vote Richard Nixon the Still Worse.  Why?  She embodies, on a mythic level, hatred they cannot admit.  She is the rage they feel from the cages they live within, but cannot see, cannot own, cannot process.

She is the Goddess of Mental Illness, and we are mentally ill.

It's funny, too, and I will weaken this post a tad by exploring, how we say "Mental illness".  It is really emotional defects which cause cognitive distortions.  They are not primary, they are effects.  But because we are all cogs in machines, what matters most is our ability to keep doing our jobs, holding our place in line, and that in turn depends not on our happiness, but our ability to think well enough to handle the immediate and mechanical.

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