Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Hillary's seizures


Here is an idea.  Alex Jones is paying people to get on camera and yell Bill Clinton is a rapist.  Why not pay people ALSO to get flashes in Hillary's face?  Self evidently, phones are not the only sources of flashes, and something like those flashing flashlights would work even better.  Now, I assume security is tight, so someone would have to be clever, but hiding something like that is not illegal, or so I would assume.  Flashes don't affect normal people.  They would not affect you or me or anyone healthy.

This woman probably spends 15 hours a day in bed, she is certainly on enough meds to keep a small pharmacy in business, and we KNOW some of those meds affect judgement.  She can't and won't be on whatever she is taking for the debates 24/7.  She is not all there mentally much of the time, we can readily suppose, and it is a FACT that dementia is an outcome of the Parkinson's disease she seemingly has.

This needs to be made clear to the American people.  The media won't do it, and that is a very risky area for Trump to address directly.  But if we can get some good head bob action in front of dozens of cameras, that would open up the discussion completely.

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