Monday, October 17, 2016

How is Leftism a mental disorder?

I stumbled into a Leftist ghetto accidentally today, and got trolled by everyone as usual, but it got me to wondering exactly HOW Leftists are mentally ill.  Presenting symptoms are patent incongruities between stated moral standards and actual behavior, an inability to honestly introspect and learn from experience, hostility to actual diversity of opinion, emotional superficiality, and a lack of empathy.

This is what I came up with:

Leftism is a form of emotional retardation. It is failure to develop, specifically, a core sense of personal agency, leading to patent narcissistic tendencies, an inability to effectively introspect, an intolerance toward unfamiliar or non-compliant ideas, and an enduring sense of emotional isolation because mature social bonds are not possible without individuation.
When we use the term Nanny State it is in many respects because we are breeding babies.

It will be an interesting task for some future historian, if there are any, to figure out how so many people were so corrupted, how their process of socialization was so bastardized that half this country failed to emerge from childhood.

I will ponder it, but I don't expect any easy answers. 

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