Friday, October 28, 2016

Huma Abeddin

Since she was not involved directly in the original probe she has likely not been offered immunity. Neith has Cheryl Mills. If the FBI wants to recover some of its lost luster it needs to put an agent on the case who has NOT been bribed--if they can find one--and put together a case quickly that will allow them to present credible threats of thirty year sentences to both Mills and Abeddin and get them to squeak.

Obama can pardon them, but particularly if Trump wins, he himself will be subject of criminal probes. It might make sense for Trump to leave him alone, politically.

But none of knows who will win, and once the FBI presses charges neither can know if they will be pardoned.

It is a shitty thing that Obama is so corrupt or this would be easy.

It may be the case too that pardons can only be granted AFTER charges are filed. I'll leave it to professionals to decide, but if the FBI had not DELIBERATELY fucked up, they could have squeezed the IT folks BEFORE they gave them immunity. Hillary should be in jail for numerous felonies, not campaigning for control of the DoJ and FBI.

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