Monday, October 17, 2016

Jill Stein

I wonder if Trump can get her to stump with him. It would help a lot. She can obviously be vocal about her disagreements with him, but they can also share their areas of agreement, specifically that Hillary should NOT be allowed anywhere near the Presidency, that TPP is a disaster, and that nuclear might just ruin our day.  Certainly, it would not be good for the environment.

And obviously, she would get some sort of position in the Trump administration.  This would translate her now hopeless campaign into a potential engine of some change in the direction she wants.  Surgeon General would be a good choice.

Two further ideas occur to me: she also cannot have been a fan of the notion of a borderless hemisphere, as she ACTUALLY seems to care about American workers, and that whatever voters she might peal from Hillary would likely go to her, not Trump.

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