Tuesday, October 4, 2016

Julian Assange

That whole thing was weird. Assuming he actually has what he says he does, someone must have convinced him he was safer with an ace in the hole than putting it all out there. Once he releases what he has there is no threat he can make (like if I die, release everything) with any strength. Perhaps he wants Donald to take a bigger lead so he risks less.

But if we use a chess metaphor, as he did in discussing Hillary hiring a discredited, conniving fellow bitch, then play it out. If Trump wins he's fine. If Hillary wins the first thing she will do is figure how to shut hi down. She can prosecute anyone publishing or even talking about illegally obtained documents. She can shut down alternative media by labeling it hateful, especially if she can engineer her fire in the Reichstag.

And she is patient and very very vindictive. However he plays this from now on he has a permanent bullseye on his head. She waited years to get her revenge on Gaddafi, but she did (in InfoWars today they reported a peace treaty was already negotiated, but she nixed it out of personal spite. The entire region burned to satisfy the hatred of this woman.

Assanges only hope of living to older age and eventually leaving his de facto prison is a Trump Presidency. Trump is a deal maker and may well reward the help rendered. If Hillary is elected, nowhere will be far enough or secure enough.

Release the documents. That is my call.

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