Monday, October 10, 2016

Lesser noted women's issues

These would include whether or not they have a job, their husband (or wife) has a job, and how well that job pays.  As has been demonstrated ad nauseum in far, far more experiments than have been needed to reach a firm and irrefutable conclusion, you do not get jobs created by telling job creators to create jobs, and you do not get higher paying jobs by telling them to pay more.  Nor can you do this by making them government employees, who must necessarily exist either as burdens on the taxpayers--or, through credit or inflation--as burdens on the children of the fucking geniuses who voted the system in.

Women's issues would include whether or not their children live in political freedom, have the freedom of speech, and whether or not they have freedom of opportunity.

Women's issues would include the ability to choose a doctor you like,and not keep a doctor you don't like.  If Hillary wins, the contraction of actual healthcare in this country will continue.  Fewer doctors will enter the field, and more will leave.

Women's issues would include their OWN ability to speak unpopular truths, to stand up to law breaking by the government, and to control their own destinies, all of which are at considerable risk--and which will certainly be lost if we fall into the Orwellian precipice we are teetering on.

The ability to determine what is important and what is not is a function of effective thinking.  Such thinking necessarily includes all relevant factors, and as much time as possible, which is to say as much of the future of present policies as can readily be foreseen.

We already live in a world of ubiquitous covert surveillance and more or less complete propagandistic saturation.  That is Step One.  All that is needed to complete our transition into an American Oceania is to start punishing dissidents and censoring the few remaining non-conforming news outlets.

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