Friday, October 28, 2016

Michigan, Ohio, and Pennsylvania

If you look at this map, the blue in Michigan, northern Ohio, and northwest of Philadelphia is all Rust Belt.  Those are current and former union workers voting Democrat because that's what their fathers did, and what their fathers did.

Many or most of those people--certainly the unemployed ones Michael Moore talked about in his talk I posted a few days ago--will be voting Trump.  I am not wonky enough to have all the Electoral Votes memorized, but carrying all the Red States plus those three would be a very good start.

You know, it occurs to me another way this election could be rigged is that I'm not sure all States require their Electoral College representatives to side with the voters.

It is a testament to DECADES of abuse of the American people, truth, common sense and common decency that Trump still, after all this, stands a very good chance of winning this race.  Everyone in most places of most governments is a fucking lying thief who only cares about staying in power, lining their pockets, and laughing behind closed doors at the gullibility and stupidity of the American people.

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