Sunday, October 23, 2016


I keep hearing the mantra being repeated "fat shaming is never OK.  Fat shaming is never OK.  Fat shaming is never OK. Fat shaming is never OK."

And I think of George Bernard Shaw calling for mass murder, but doing so in such a congenial way that people accepted it or thought it a joke.  And he knew this would be the case.

Their program, the Fabian program, was oriented around enacting horrific and socially cataclysmic political policies, but doing so in a genteel, urbane, polite, polished way.

And part of the indoctrination people have received is that how someone says something is more important than what they say.  College students are taught there are no truths, but how you speak is vitally important.  Speech becomes more important than action, and moral comparisons--mass murder versus fat shaming as one example, become impossible.  It's much easier to agree fat shaming is worse, at least when the mass murder is not being visited currently upon those doing the judging.

Hillary got 4 men killed in Benghazi, did not give a shit, accepted no real blame, lied to their parents about why they died, lied to the American people and the media about it, then to add a final insult to injury, accused the parents of those who SHE GOT KILLED of lying about what she said to them.

This Muslim dad is just a stage prop, who is either a useful idiot, or more likely (I have not dug up on this) a covert Islamist who is only too happy to use the occasion of his sons death to support anti-Trump propaganda.  You know, THOUSANDS of American parents lost sons and daughters in Iraq and Afghanistan.  Being a Gold Star Dad is not unique.  He was not the only hero.  And his son is likely telling him from beyond to stop using him as a political prop, which is an insult to his memory.  Hillary's support among rank and file military is dismal.  She broke laws they all KNOW would have gotten them court martialed and jailed, did so often, did so very intentionally, and did so with ZERO regard for national security or American interests.  I have little doubt his son would be a Trump supporter, if he was the dedicated soldier being described.

But "Islamophobia is always wrong.  Islamophobia is always wrong.  Islamophobia is always wrong".  It is a mantra, a conditioning tool, a method for separating people from the effective use of reason, of independence of thought.  Rather, it seeks to conjure a more or less literal knee jerk reaction, in which the MOMENT ANYBODY breaks one of the mantras, or appears to, RAGE flies out of them, which derives from the fear they feel of not fitting in.

The creed of Niceness thus dovetails well with indoctrination and propaganda.  It both suppresses independence of thought, and channels needed emotional releases of anger and "self" assertion.  I keep meaning to post on this, but I haven't felt that post when I had time, and I lately often have little time.

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