Sunday, October 16, 2016

Obama's legacy

Increased the national debt more than all his predecessors combined.

Implemented a healthcare plan he promised would lower costs, provide better care, and increase coverage, and which has instead INCREASED costs 3-fold or more for most Americans, forced cancellation of many policies which people had before this law was passed, and caused failures and consolidations in BOTH the healthcare provision industries and the insurance industries.  This, after only enacting the bill on a hyperpartisan basis, with virtually NO Republican input, and no Republican votes.

Signed a deal with Iran which involved great secrecy, prop airplanes filled with pallets of $100 dollar bills, no Congressional ratification I can recall, and which merely delayed the program, while GUARANTEEING they will develop nukes at some future point.  Oh, and giving them $100 billion plus in frozen funds which were frozen in part because they support terrorism, which they can now use AGAIN to fund terrorism. I honestly think many details of this treaty are unknown to Congress or the American public to THIS DAY.

Used the IRS as a political weapon, and refused to prosecute anyone.

Used the Department of Justice as a political shield to protect both the IRS and Hillary from prosecution.

Politicized the FBI.

Oversaw the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression, with jobs numbers only approaching the average under Bush because millions have left the labor force.

Opened our border up to illegal immigration, and facilitated it by releasing anyone they caught accidentally, including thousands of criminals.

Destabilized the Middle East. Libya is an ISIS and Al Queda haven, Egypt is only not dominated by Islamic Brotherhood--who Hillary and Obama supported--because they were so bad that they were deposed in a coup.

CREATED ISIS, both by arming and training people they KNEW were jihadists, and by failing to renegotiate an agreement to keep an adequate number of Americans in Iraq.  AND by failing to take effective action--such as bomb their oil convoys--once they emerged.

Overseen the least transparent Administration in many years, all while using Executive Orders to engineer changes that could not have been passed into law.  Among many, perhaps the most notable is the war on coal, and coal producing regions and coal producing jobs.

He supported people trying to create a race war.

He was made everything political, and by doing so created perhaps the most vicious and heated political divide this country has seen in a long, long time.

The list could be made longer.  But I can't think of ONE THING Obama has made better and not worse while in office.  The best that can be said is that it could have been much worse.  He failed to push through plans to disarm Americans, and many of his worst social engineering ideas were blocked by Congress.

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