Monday, October 3, 2016

Paging Camille Paglia

I like Camille Paglia, because she isn't batshit insane, even though she is a Democrat.  That's a tough feat to manage.  I used to enjoy reading her columns on Salon. I'm not allowed to comment there, but, Oh, well fuck it, I still liked reading her columns.

I noticed I haven't seen one in a while, and it looks like at Salon anyway her last one was in June.  I wonder if after the Bernie revelations she has taken a turn for the, oh I don't know, the "reeducation ready".

If Salon does not want to publish her, how can we guess what she has to say?  She is smart, feisty and independent.  Other than the first, when combined with cynicism and amorality, those are not valued traits on the Left.

So Camille, why are you still on the Left?  You and Milo might make great pals and go on tour together.  Just a hope and fantasy.

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