Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pico Ayer

"Transformation comes from not knowing what's next."

Self evidently, an obsessive pursuit of understanding is a core element in my personality as it has manifested historically.  It drives me.

[I saw the movie The Accountant last week, and recognized some parts of myself in Ben Affleck's character.  I was actually pondering this morning if we have become a nation of Asperger's Syndrome, with our emotional disconnection, and comfort with abstraction and computing]

But I know there is an infinite amount of Not Knowing in me.  I am playing with seashells too (albeit much smaller, less pretty ones, in a reference I assume you get), amusing myself by the seashore.

And as I have said, what I FEEL is that growth comes from curiosity, from play, from sending something out and wondering what will come back.  Will it be blue or green?  Will it come back at all?  I don't know.  There is no way to know.  But it should be INTERESTING.

Growth is saying, often, this is INTERESTING. Interest pulls you, it moves you, but you can never know where it is going.  It goes from here to there, to there to here.  You are following a trail, tracking a scent.  It can end in many ways, but there is a thrill in the chase, in the seeking.

All wisdom is found in play, in curiosity, in laughter, in an expanding pool of happiness that the world is such a rich treasure with so much yet to discover.  It is a path you need never fear will end.  That is one certainty we are given.

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