Friday, October 28, 2016


It seems like the most accurate portrait of actual voting would be asking people coming out of the polls who they voted for.  I see real time updates every election, but I have never been quite clear how it was gathered.  I don't know if reporters try and stop 100% of voters outside voting places and get their vote or what they do, but it seems to me an app could be developed, or even a simple pad of paper, where you check who you voted for.  I don't know how far people are willing to go to ensure election integrity, but if in fact it is the plan of the elite to first create false polling data, and then cheat by rigging the machines to match it, then asking actual people walking out should show any gross mismatches immediately.  Hillary is clearly not up 12 points, and she clearly has no "momentum" as one commentator put it.  How could she?  She isn't even campaigning and she is hit with a new scandal almost daily.  Trump is filling stadiums like a literal rock star.

As far as voting integrity, why is Mexico much better, much more sensible than us?  That is a rhetorical question.  The answer is Democrats like our system because it facilitates cheating, they have dumbed down our populace so much that they can create drama over the need to prove you are who you say you are, and because Republicans, until now, have lacked the balls to call them on it.

As far as Hillary, I think she is dying.  I literally think she is dying.  She has been very sick for a very long time, and the pills and shots they are using to make her function are taking a toll.  I see her in my minds eye slowly realizing that even if she wins the Presidency, she will not be on this Earth much longer, and her mortality is slowly dawning on her.  She is tired, very tired.  At this point, what difference does the Presidency itself really make?  Her fucking husband is who will get it, who will use it.  He is the bastard she has been putting up with all these years, to get to this point, and what for?  What is the point?

That is what I feel.  Who knows how accurate it is?

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