Sunday, October 16, 2016


I read Obama is considering a cyberattack against Russia, in response to alleged "interference" in our election, which consists entirely in making known the extent of the corruption of, and contempt for the American public of, the Democrat Party. It is not that lies are being told, but highly inconvenient truths.

Putin clearly seems to considering war with us, up to nuclear war. Ponder the priorities of an American President who would risk nuclear war in order to make sure his party wins the election.

The secrets are out, but not all, and supposedly the best are being saved for last, so I don't this overstating or in any way misstating the case.

Edit: as I think about, even that doesn't make sense. The hack has slready occurred. The secrets are out. This cyberattack would be solely the result of wounded pride, and petulant striking out of an irritable child. We have no security interest which such an attack would serve. We are governed by fools.

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