Friday, October 7, 2016

The Bushes and the Clintons

I am reading increasingly that there is a working partnership between these two families, and if that is true, then why wouldn't Obama be part of the whole thing too?  Does it not seem obvious there is an elite that act as king-makers?  All the media are owned by people who are in it to make money, and only honesty would keep them from spinning things in their own interest.  Honesty, and the fallout of being perceived as full of shit.  Yet, Fox and CNN are by and large both still spinning the same stories of Trump's awfulness, and overlooking the countless (I can't keep track) reasons not to elect Hillary to an office as high as County Dog Catcher (even though she likely does have some experience rounding up Bill.)

It occurred to me that if we posit that our last 3 Presidents have effectively been in cahoots, then we can draw a clear line from the Oklahoma City bombing that happened under Clinton, to 9/11 which happened under Bush.  Both were clearly large conspiracies.

And the specific point I wanted to make was this: credible claims were made by high level Iraqis that Hussein did in fact have many WMD's up until about 3 months before the war, and that they were smuggled to Syria.  You may or may not remember, but perhaps 6 years ago Israel went into Syria to destroy a nascent nuclear weapons program.

Bush never really talked about these claims, even though it would have gone a long way towards exonerating him from the charge that he lied, and would have reduced the effectiveness of one of the key talking points for Obama, who was viewed favorably in no small measure because of his early opposition to the Iraq War.

Why wouldn't he want to defend his decisions and reputation?  If we want to go there, because it was Obama's turn, and it was his job to support him.

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