Monday, October 10, 2016

The debate

To point out the obvious, the debate started on the Trump audio, and it ended with most people not even remembering it.  Trump pounded Hillary continually on substantive issues, like the failure of Obamacare, like her breaking law with regard both to HAVING the email server in the first place, and perhaps most egregiously, deleting massive quantities of emails AFTER receiving a subpoena from Congress.

This whole audio has now been framed in a way which makes it impossible for Hillary to attack Trump with it with the effectiveness they otherwise would have had.  He had 4 women in the audience who were all victims of the Clintons.  Every time she opens her mouth about Donald's talk--I am tempted to call it indiscreet, but he didn't know he was being recorded--she can't thereby call herself a supporter of women.  She isn't.  Kathy Shelton says otherwise, and there is ZERO question about the facts of her case.

(I find it interesting on that that the "fact checkers"--which is to say paid propagandists, whose job is to spin without mostly falling into overt and demonstrable lies--say that a part of the case was that prosecutors "mishandled" evidence.  If you listen to the Hillary tape, she was a key part of that.  She got some expert in getting evidence--in this case blood and semen stained underwear, which would have been damning-declared inadmissable, to get a key piece of evidence ruled inadmissable, using a technicality.  She was every bit the slimy, unethical defense attorney most of us detest.)

According to focus group moderator Frank Luntz, this was a DECISIVE victory for Trump, who came in looking finished, and emerged a winner.  That is what most Americans want in a President.  What the sane among us do NOT want is someone who has demonstrated clear patterns of law breaking, habitual lying, and highly abusive political corruption and de facto bribe taking.

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