Saturday, October 8, 2016

The Fight

Trump was nominated to be a fighter.  Now is his chance.

In my own view, this is obviously a dangerous time, but the path is open for this whole thing to be turned to an advantage.  The whole discussion can be turned in ways the Clintons will not like and cannot deal effectively with.  They are career criminals and low lifes.  Hillary kicks women when they are already down, and Bill chases every pussy he sees.  He always has, and continues to.  She knows this perfectly well.

Trump needs to stay calm, but to be blunt and on point.  He needs his lines of attack mapped out, and ready.  He needs to have a list of points he needs to make, and rebuttals when Hillary throws back her well rehearsed lies and feigned outrage.

This is an opportunity.  Whether Trump uses it as such will dictate if he wins the Presidency or not. If he is SERIOUS about winning--and he always says he is--then now is the time.

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