Saturday, October 1, 2016

The modern family

I was listening to Dan Siegel's book Mindsight today, and he is talking about differing patterns of attachment.  Basically, you have 4 patterns: secure, ambivalent, detached, and disorganized.

Without getting into the details of each, I want simply to submit that the war the Left has waged on the family is not a war on the family, per se, but of secure attachment.  The goal has been to develop neurotic, anxious, emotionally disorganized people who are the tabula rasas upon which totalitarian memes can be imprinted.

This, today, is what we are seeing in the universities.  Kids who are 20 today were born in 1996.  If their parents were 25 when they had them, then they themselves were born in 1971.  Their parents were fucked up, they bred neurotic kids, and those neurotic kids bred more, but this time with even less parental involvement, as women went to work, TV's did the parenting, and the media ran the TV's.

It has always made sense to me that Bill Ayers went into early childhood development.  This is the sort of thing he would have figured out.

I watched the cartoons that were on TV when my kids were young, and I refused to let them watch anything but PBS.  Spongebob Squarepants I explicitly forbade, because I told them I could feel it sucking intelligence away from me.  I could feel it making me stupider.  They have actually had conversations with their friends about this, since they remember it, and in point of fact most of their friends who DID watch that show wind up agreeing upon reflection.

What if these cartoons, themselves, are being produced to make our kids stupider?

One has to wonder about a creed so demonic that to achieve its ends it is willing to inflict horrific anxiety and fear on an entire generation, while simultaneously doing everything in their power to diminish them as human beings.

Imagine that such a creed calls itself Humanistic.  Imagine that the perpetrators of these crimes invoke words like love and compassion, as indeed the operators of the guillotines in Revolutionary France did.

This is an odd, odd world.  I"ll be dead in 100 years.  The main question is how I'll go, and how much of what I am supposed to get done here will actually get done.  I am capable of so much more than I am currently able to express.  I operate daily with two hands tied behind my back.  I am getting better though.

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