Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Trump proposition

Do we clean up corruption in Washington, or do we increase it exponentially in a way our Republic may never recover from?

And we need to be crystal clear: the Republicans are corrupt, the elites are.  They are slightly less corrupt than the Democrats, but as dirty and criminal as they clearly are, that is not saying much at all. Fuck those people.  They think they will get in office in 2020?  Even if Hillary doesn't push through all her plans for amnesty, open borders, eradication of controls on voter ID, and the like, I WILL NOT SUPPORT THOSE ASSHOLES IN ANY WAY.  PERIOD.  NON-NEGOTIABLE.  And half the party thinks the same way.  I haven't given a cent this year.  Trump has the money.  If he's serious he will shell out the cash, and I've stopped giving a fuck about Congress.  We got them what they needed, and they betrayed us.  If we lose a little ground every year, year after year, as has been happening really since the New Deal, we are going to lose everything sooner or later.  May as well be sooner, if it's going to come.  I'm not going to set myself on fire for faithless losers.

Some years you may need to hold your nose to vote--as I did for McCain and Romney--but you support, period, the most conservative candidate, and the contrast between Trump and Hillary could not be more blatant.
No one who values loyalty forgets betrayal.

Anyone with an IQ above room temperature ought to get that.

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