Monday, October 31, 2016

The Wrath of Sauron

I really think it has been best until now that the professional, which is to say the mentally and emotionally disturbed, Left, has been able to assume Hillary could coast to victory easily, could schedule nothing for ten days before the election and emerge the clear winner.

It literally feels to me like now orcs are on the march in hordes, issuing from dark place.  They will be enraged beyond belief, like wild animals, if, as appears likely to me in the absence of massive and undetected voter fraud, Trump becomes the clear victor.

I talk about my dreams from time to time.  Most of the time I am able to interact with even unpleasant dreams in a fairly conscious way.  Sometimes I will have what they call Lucid Dreams, where everything feels as real as this world.  I have had a few that literally, in every respect, felt like waking life, felt like I had somehow been transported to a field somewhere in the night, and stood there in rustling grass, feeling the breeze and smelling the night, and was able to think, there, that "this is a dream, but it does not feel like a dream."

Many of those who believe that our spirits and body/brain are severable, that they are separate, even if for a time related, things, believe we do travel in another dimension at night.

Well, and I am using this as a method of processing this experience, a demon attempted to attack me in my sleep this morning.  It was a lucid dream, and some wild animal got in.  As I always do, I immediately confronted it, and it disappeared and I awoke.  My heart doesn't race.  I don't have nightmares, because I can control them.

But facing--attacking, moving towards instantly and with no hesitation--demons denudes them of their power.  Their power is in terror, and in hiding in the shadows and whispering.  Faced, looked at, they disappear.

Self evidently, I do read books on psychology and neurophysiology, and see no reason to reject the importance of the Medial Prefrontal Cortex, or whatever.  But I do also believe this world is a sort of projection, an illusion, a collective dream, and that much of what we imagine is unreal.

And I do believe in a demon haunted world, literally.  I think people who are good people can protect themselves, but I also believe we need to avoid complacency and weakness, and we need to daily do what we can to feed and build what is good in this world.

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