Friday, October 14, 2016

Then there's this

Here's an idea I haven't seen: what if the hacks are being done by US intelligence officers pissed off that our system has been so corrupted? How could any sane intelligence professional want Hillary in the White House after what she has done?  She pissed on them.  She pissed on our system.  She holds those who risk and lose their lives for this country in contempt.  She wants pointless wars which are being paid for by the enemies of our nation.

Let's hope this is legit.  The claim has been made of a tape of Bill Clinton having sex on Jeffrey Epstein's "Pedophile Island" with a 13 year old.

We live in strange times.  But let's remember--and I am more guilty than most of forgetting this often--there remain a LOT of very good, very strong, and highly competent people in this nation.

Never give up the fight.  Despair if you must, sit down for a minute, then get up and get back at it.

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