Friday, October 7, 2016

There go the soccer moms

Here is the deal: Trump has been sued some 4,000 times.  Of those, only TWO were for sexual harassment, and neither involved him personally.

What I think is obvious, but is not obvious, because people have stopped being people, have stopped understanding normal human sentiments, is that on this audio Trump is trying to convince Billy Bush he is one of the coolest guys on Earth. It's what he does.  He likes being him.

But guys BULLSHIT.  They do.  They do it all the time, ESPECIALLY in locker rooms.   If Trump were wandering around grabbing women's genitals somebody would have sued him by now.

For his part, Bill has had MANY credible accusations leveled at him (as has Hillary, who as one example threatened Juanita Broaddrick personally).  He settled a sexual harassment lawsuit for $850,000.  He has plainly cheated on Hillary many times with many women.  Shit, he had a child by a crack whore, with whom he engaged in the little known menage a quatre.  Kathleen Willey says he put her hand on his (probably erect) dick, then that she was subjected to threats of violence.  Her tires were slashed.  The list is very long.  I"m quite sure he can't remember all the women he has fucked.  He has boasted it is over 2,000, according to one of the women.

We are being threatened with nuclear war by Russia over our insane policy in Syria.  We are $20 trillion in debt.  Iran and North Korea are both testing missile delivery systems.

So: soccer moms: suck it up and make a decision based on the issues.  Hillary has failed horribly at foreign policy; her economic polices will destroy our economy; the cross border invasion is creating waves of crime, declining wages, and increasing unemployment.  Her Supreme Court appointments will deliver the final nails in the coffin of our democracy.  In the past eight years we have successively seen the corruption of the IRS, Secret Service, the FBI, the State Department, the Justice Department, and Immigration.  How many more dominoes need to fall before people wake the fuck up and realize we are realistically looking at the end times of our Republic?

When the rule of law is gone, then so is the will of the people, and the reality of an accountable government.  We are there, now.

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