Wednesday, October 12, 2016

This election

I read today an account that makes sense to me, which is that the Trump tape was released not by Hillary, but by people connected to Paul Ryan or Mitt Romney.

This is all too plausible.  When do party leaders not support their own, especially against a horrific human being like Hillary Clinton?  Trump is flawed, obviously, but he has a lot more balls and business success than Mitt Romney ever did.  Ryan is a horrible disappointment.  Remember the "coup" of John Boehner, and then nothing changing?

Fuck these people.  I am not giving a fucking penny to ANY Republican ever again, if Trump does not win.  I am going to focus on figuring out how to build as good a life for myself as I can in a People's Utopia, and how to generate options for leaving said Utopia at some point for some other country.

And fuck the American people, if they are that stupid.  Obviously, nobody asked me to worry about them, but I've done my best to add intelligence and thoughtfulness to the public dialogue.  I have really tried.

But most people are complete idiots.  I "debate" with people I know run businesses, who have common sense in any other context, and their politics consists in non sequiturs, ridiculous lies, and intellectual indolence.

I am going to bow out of politics--or do my best--if the American people signal their general moral and intellectual decline by electing this bitch.  What else can I do?  Hope of an intellectual resurrection is baseless.  Just look at what they are churning out of our indoctrination factories.  These people will be in charge in 30 years: hateful, whiny, hypersensitive, entitled little bitches.

I'll just look for a waterfall somewhere, some trees, and a small comfortable house, and tell the world to go fuck itself.  That is how I feel at the moment.  More than most, I know moods change, but that is what I feel.

It is HARD to make a sustained effort to engage with a Leftist on the issues, and not only fail, but fail to be recognized as a human being.  This is their root failing: they cannot even grant us human status.  We are clinically Untermenschen, and our suppression something which will flow as naturally to these demon children as it did to the Nazis and Cheka.

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