Monday, October 17, 2016

This fight

Like many, I am obsessing a bit about this election.  I really do feel like this is for all the marbles.  If we continue down this path, we get a softer edged but equally nasty 1984.

And it feels like a fight, but the fight is not really between voters, by and large.  It is between the public and the media.  It is trying to get needed information into the public space when all the major "news" networks are working HARD to suppress it.  Wikileaks, for example, has been all but buried by all the major networks, including Fox.  This is extraordinary, and extraordinarily frustrating.

A certain percentage of Democrats vote every election.  Most college educated people vote every election and always have.

What is different this year is that a LOT of people love Trump, and nobody likes Hillary.  She doesn't set anyone on fire like Trump does. She can't fill cafeterias, much less stadiums, and in any even at the moment she is not campaigning at all.

My personal guess is that this election will be like no other, and that many, many people with a high school education or less who normally sit the elections out, are going to turn out in droves to vote for Trump.  Romney had nothing to say to them.  Neither did John McCain, who may as well be a Democrat.

If we can avoid mass election fraud, we can definitely win this.  

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