Friday, October 14, 2016

Today's conspiracy theory

First off, I will note that conspiracy theories are very common in parts of the world where the media is known to lie, in order to represent the interests of the State and/or a power elite.

Conspiracy theories, according to the properly indoctrinated, have no place in a transparent democracy like our own, because if something big was hiding--especially in plain sight--SOMEONE would have reported it.

But do we not live in the season of the witch?  Has this not become the era of the Big Lie?

Necessarily, if you sense you are being lied to, but cannot find anyone honest enough to even approximate the truth, then you have to make up an answer of some sort, if it bothers you not understanding why what you are seeing happening is happening.  That is a "conspiracy theory."

Anyway, I read today that Hillary is taking 5 full days off less than a month out from the election.  She is obviously prepped for another debate.  She was prepped for the first.  It may be that she is sick and simply cannot get out. It could also be--and here's my own pet theory--she is worried about somebody hitting her with a flash or strobe.  The Secret Service can vet debate attendees very thoroughly.  They likely go through something like what they use at the airports now.  But they can't do that at each and every rally.  And her crowds are so small, many people could get very close to her.

Hillary's health alone should disqualify her.  The fact that she should be in jail should disqualify her.  The fact that she created ISIS through errors of both omission and commission should disqualify her.  She is sick, corrupt, and incompetent.

And America at this moment STILL appears likely to elect her.

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