Sunday, October 9, 2016


If you have one standard for your people, and another for people who are different from you, that is tribalism.  It is not principle based morality.

The most brilliant invention of the West is the notion of universally applicable principles, and particularly that of human rights.  No nation or society before that of modern Europe thought to treat people of differing backgrounds, beliefs, races, and sexes equally as a matter of principle.

The Romans were good about applying law evenly, but Romans had more rights than non-Romans, and slavery was still common.

When the Left goes into paroxysmal spasms about Trump talking about being a stud, they can't immediately condone Bill for similar but demonstrably worse behavior. I already saw some presumable sensitive man who went to Yale post "what did Broaddrick think was going to happen when she invited Bill to her hotel room".  Put that comment in the mouth of a conservative and you get the finale of "The Kingsmen".

And we need to be clear: Bill Clinton has ALREADY been the President of the United States.  For two terms.  You cannot talk about putting Hillary into the White House without talking about putting Bill back in the White House.

And psychologically, it is very appropriate to point to the psychopathology of a relationship built on lies, built on Bill cheating continuously.  I think on some level we all know Hillary is emotionally sick, but just put yourself in her shoes, as a psychologically normal person.  Would you not have divorced him decades ago?  Women, any reading this?  Would you have put up with it?  There was never any question about the fact of it.

Why didn't she?  Insane ambition.  She has a HUGE desire for her own power, for the ability to boss people around and swear at them with impunity, to make people fear her.  Nothing was going to get in the way of that, and Bill's peccadillos were obviously just problems to be solved for her.  Trash the bimbos and shut them up was her strategy, and UNTIL TODAY, because of Donald Trump and the courage of some of the women involved, IT WORKED.

But Trump made it impossible to keep all this out of mainstream, kicking and screaming, trying to spin and largely failing, mass media.

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