Friday, October 7, 2016

Trump Ads

One of the merits of Trump in the Primary was his honest claim that he could self fund his campaign.

Well, Donald when are you going to start?  Absentee ballots are already being collected.  The voting has already begun.

I don't watch TV, but people I know in Ohio and Pennsylvania said all the ads are Hillary's.  They aren't seeming to do her much good, but the point is to get and keep a lead, and ads seem to be a good way to do that.  Hopefully the debate will go better too.  And hopefully Hillary's meds fail badly.

I was actually wondering if it might be possible to smuggle in a flash of some sort, and trigger it to see if Parkinson's symptoms could be evoked.  Based on all the reports I read, even if she does win, it will take a miracle to get her through four years.  In all likelihood it will be something like the period in Wilson's second term where it could be honestly claimed he was alive, even if he was not good for anything.  Bill presumably plans on filling her shoes.

I was in the grocery store today looking at somebody with an MLK, Jr. t-shirt that said "it's always the right time to do the right thing".  And I thought: she's going to vote for Hillary.  Millions of Americans who are actually decent people will vote for this awful human being because they lack the imagination and insight to realize their consciousness has been captured and abused by a machine.

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