Sunday, October 16, 2016

Trump and the Chthonic

It is a truism, it is obvious, in inner work that internally directed violence breeds dissociation.  You can yell at yourself "STOP DOING THAT", and it will work for a minute.  It really will.  I've done it.  You have likely done it.

But the cost is internal conflict which breeds anxiety and emotional inefficiency.  If you bully some part of yourself into submission, it doesn't go away.  You can't kill off parts of yourself, at least not without an addiction of some sort.  Drug addiction and alcoholism can be used to manage this dissociated part.  In effect, you strike a deal where one part of you remains in charge, provided the other part can get sedated later.  It is upset and angry at the violence, and the booze or drugs calm it down.

But mental HEALTH is a process of integration, of bringing disparate parts which came into existence to manage different--and sometimes opposite--problems into communication with one another, and then eventually, to use my term (I think, although I may have stolen it from Dan Siegel), coalition. The parts work together harmoniously and even pleasurably for what is good for you, genuinely good for you.

Societies are no different.  You can shout down one segment, but they don't go away.  You have not convinced them. You have on the contrary alienated and angered them.  And they may stay quiet for a long time, but whatever apparent harmony might appear to exist in the relative silence, it is phony.  It is fake. It is an illusion conjured into existence for the gratification of the bullies and accepted by the bullied on the surface.

But the cause of building bridges has not been served.  You have a deep, deep split.

Donald Trump OBVIOUSLY did not create a split in our society.  I have to hang my head sometimes and wonder how people can be so FUCKING STUPID.  It is particularly egregious when you consider that it is the LEFT which is always talking about sensitivity, and caring and compassion and understanding.  It is the LEFT in general where the "mental health professionals" congregate, and where most of the patients originate.

But you see, this split exists within them too.  They don't own their undirected rage.  As a general rule, they are able to act as if actual conditions in the world FORCE them to be angry all the time; and not realize that their own psychological debilities, their own lack of integration, is what DRIVES them into lunatic politics in the first place.

Democrats are not "Liberals".  They haven't been for a very long time.

Here is the thing: genuine Liberals--who are the large sections of Red which constitute well over 90% of the land mass in our country (which is to say "conservatives", who "conserve" Liberalism, as opposed to supporting Socialist tyranny)--have been getting called names for decades now, but it has been particularly awful and continuous in the Obama years.  Yes, race absolutely has something to do with it: the term RACIST is used every fucking time anyone disagrees with Obama about ANYTHING.  It is not that actual racism is present, but that it is a convenient cudgel with which to batter the offending individual or group.

Over and over and over and over the politics of division by vilification is used against all white Americans, all Christians, all men, all successful businesspeople--even black people and other minorities who don't conform to racist Left wing stereotypes, even rape victims who don't conform to their assigned narrative--and this process breeds anger.  It is inevitable.  You insult someone baselessly for a long period of time, what do you THINK is going to happen?

And it is the height of disingenuousness for these fools to act surprised.  Where did THAT come from, I wonder?  Must be racism again.  NO, IT ISN'T FUCKING RACISM: IT IS A PSYCHOLOGICALLY HEALTHY REACTIONS TO YOUR CONTINUAL EMOTIONAL WARFARE ON GOOD PEOPLE.

I think we have all encountered the "head only" man or woman, who just doesn't "get" emotions.  They don't react like normal people, and thus normal reactions puzzle them.  Emotion is a foreign language to them, one they don't speak and really have little interest in learning how to speak.

Such people are not emotionless.  What they are is emotionally stupid, which usually means that most of the time they are acting out in anger and with malice while pretending to themselves they are enlightened and good.  It is a lie enabled by their own internal deceit, which is to say their own internal dissociation and lack of integration.

This is the landscape I see.  And onto this you have to layer the greedy and power hungry.  The headless people (who present as head only, but are in reality limbic and brain stem only) answer to them readily.  Say the right sorts of words, and the usual suspects will jump to attention and go into action. You can USE these people to get rich. You can pass laws to protect the rich if you say they are to protect the poor, and that anyone who opposes them is awful.  You can say you want to protect the weak while protecting the powerful.  You can say you support justice while shitting on the actual rule of law.  Everything is possible when people NEED YOU emotionally.

I was pondering again this morning Haidt's moral foundations and it occurs to me that the only real attachment Leftists have is to Authority.  A genuine sense of Fairness would involve balancing all sides, and they have no interest in that.  They don't care about the opinions of anyone who disagrees with them.  What they do is pick one side and bully it to victory. I have in mind specifically gay marriage.  There was no national dialogue.  There was one side shrieking and the other side shouting back, or separating from the discussion.  Fairness would be if you force a Christian to bake a gay wedding cake, you force a black baker to bake a KKK cake.

Actually, here are some actual cases: not baking a cop a cake for his retirement.

Not baking a Confederate flag cake, but baking an ISIS cake.

Again, why the fuck is the government in the cake business to begin with?  As I've established, Liberty is not an important value to the Left, but Fairness supposedly is.  The essence of Fairness is one standard applied to all.  Why are these blatant contradictions not objectionable to them?  Simple: fairness is not ACTUALLY one of their values.

As far as Care this is easy: do leftist economic policies work to care for the sick and poor and elderly?  No, not really.  What helps is economic growth and well being, and their policies accomplish the opposite.  Poverty has existed in the ghettos for many decades.  If they ACTUALLY cared, they would ask what is not working and fix it.  Instead, they continue to push things that don't work--like Head Start--and ignore and even ban things which do work, like Charter Schools and educational vouchers.

Look at this:

These charter schools DEMONSTRATED that black kids from broken families and bad neighbhorhoods can SUCCEED if given decent educations.

The 6,700 students at her 22 Success Academy Charter Schools scored in the top 1 percent in math and top 7 percent in English on the most recent state test. These are students who come overwhelmingly from poor, minority families, who overcame the achievement gap progressives regularly bemoan.
They succeeded.  So what happened?  The Regressives rolled the negroes back into schools where they can now be expected to return to being at the bottom of the heap in test results, and graduate barely able to read, and completely unable to take on jobs in the technology sector, at least without Affirmative Action.  These assholes create the problem then claim they have the solution.

I could go on, but the point is that CARE is not an actual value of the Left.  They are not primarily trying to help people.  They don't think about.  You go to any left wing website, especially around election time, and their sole focus is polling data, and how to manipulate people into voting Democrat.  They don't care about issues and more or less directly ban debate, because they don't care about RESULTS.

This is an anti-humanistic agenda.  These people are mentally and emotionally ill.  They are sick.  And they breed like fucking rabbits.

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