Sunday, October 30, 2016

Trump and violence

I saw some idiotic piece a while back by Deepak Chopra about Trump embodying the American shadow.  Let me ask a simple question: who is committing all the acts of violence?  Who paid people to provoke violence, to start riots?

Scott Adams breaks it down here:

In all previous elections, particularly the last two, the Republicans have been content to let lies stand, to allow themselves to be pushed around, in all likelihood to allow voter fraud, to ignore media bias, all of which are working to enfeeble Americans intellectually, and to allow big lies to take root in the consciousness of millions of people.

What Trump (with a lot of help from Wikileaks)  has done is throw a bright flare up into the sky, allowing us to see this darkened landscape clearly, and realize just how bad things have gotten, to see the money changing hands in the shadows, to see our elected and appointed representatives looking the other way where crimes against America are concerned, to see the nexis between Republicans and Democrats that is working to vitiate our Constitution and with it the protection of our liberties.

Far from being a shadow, Trump is bringing light, which is SHOWING us the ugliness, the hatred, the intolerance, the violence of the Left.  He is the result of anger, but RIGHTEOUS anger.  There is such a thing.  He is Jesus taking a whip to the grifters and thieves outside the holiest shrine in Judaism, who made a carnival of what should have been a solemn and serious place.

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