Sunday, October 9, 2016

Trump the player

In Leftist mythology everyone who is not an educated, effeminate, affluent, and chronically guilty white person is the Other.  In dealing with all Others but conservatives, the blanket assumption is made that they are homogeneous, absolutely virtuous, and that all their problems stem from interactions with the bad white people.

The truth, of course, is that Others come in all shapes and sizes, beliefs, backgrounds, etc., are highly heterogenous, and quite often create their own problems, then make them worse.

With respect to this election, it occurs to me that as bad as that audio plays in white decadent America, it may well earn Trump RESPECT in black and Hispanic America.  Both cultures are highly sexist, with black culture likely best labeled highly misogynistic.  Certainly, hip hop is.

Trump may well emerge with significantly HIGHER support, especially among black and hispanic men. He is an OG, a playa.

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