Sunday, October 2, 2016

Trump taxes

I am cursed with the ability to see stupid people.  They surround us, like very, very visible ghosts, haunting us with intellectual mediocrity and an inability to remain silent.

Whatever taxes Trump did or not pay on his personal income, or even the corporate income of his many businesses, he employed thousands of people who DID pay taxes.  They paid income tax, and they paid sales taxes and property taxes.  He paid property taxes.  He paid licensing fees.  He paid all the various monies extorted particularly in Democrat havens like New York.

Every large corporation employing lots of people not only pays a great deal in taxes, but by employing those people, they SPEND MONEY in that area, which creates the REALITY that Keynesian economics can only mimic, and only for short periods of time.  Of course it is good having people out spending money, but to be sustainable it has to be their own money, and for it to be their own money they have to have jobs.

If you attack those jobs by attacking the employer with higher taxes or more regulations, then you attack prosperity.

If you reward the employer with better business conditions, they expand, they create more jobs, pay more for existing jobs, and the community benefits.

These points are so obvious that a person of average or higher intelligence can only avoid seeing them through the successful lobotomy of Leftist indoctrination.  

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