Thursday, October 13, 2016

Trump third debate

My sense is that Trump needs to strike a conciliatory tone in the third debate.  The images from that will be what people take to the polling stations.  He needed to attack in the second debate, but I actually think Hillary may be the one who feels that need in the third.

And I think it would be quite appropriate to say something like "Look, this has been one for the ages, hasn't it?  I'm getting attacked by the Democrats, which of course I expected, but I'm getting attacked by my own party.  The media has been completely corrupted.  Everybody who has had a stake in taking advantage of the American people--and that is a lot of people--is attacking me.  Why?  Because I SCARE THEM.  I am my own man.  I'm not in politics to make money, like Bill and Hillary--who have done quite well for themselves.  I was living a very nice life before I chose to run.

And if people want to accuse me of being a secret Democrat, look, I'm a NEW YORKER.  We have soft, moderate and hard Democrats.  That's who shows up at the parties.  And that's what I was.  And there was a LONG time being a Democrat was OK.  Democrats could balance budgets, defend the United States, and love this country.  That was true for a long time.

But it is no longer true.  Many Democrats actively hate America.  Hillary said as much in some of those emails.  She said she no longer understood the middle class.  Obamacare was not about HELPING people, but controlling them.  It is a disaster.

And do you know we will soon be spending MORE on interest payments on our national debt than we give to the Pentagon?  $600-700-800 BILLION a year of your tax dollars, and those of your children, going to pay for this insanity.  And insanity is what you will get if you elect Hillary.

And not even the Republicans have been doing their job.  We are supposedly the party of fiscal responsibility, of tough love and tough choices.  But both parties have been trying to be all things for everyone for far too long.  We're fighting wars abroad we can't afford, and spending money domestically we don't have.  We can't sustain this.  You know this.  I know this.  And I am the only one who will put us back on a sustainable path.

I'm no angel.  Nobody has accused me of it, and I"m not.  But I do sincerely love this country.  I love ball games at Yankee Stadium, and hot dogs, and the OPPORTUNITIES that exist for all of us when our system is working, both for the people born here, and the people who come here legally looking for a better life, who have done so, so much to make America the great nation it is.

I don't know what I can do to deserve your vote more than promise to you that ordinary Americans are who I care about and who I will protect and support if you should grace me with the opportunity of a lifetime to make America great again.  Thank you.

Feel free to steal Donald.  I have to say, that's not bad.

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