Thursday, October 27, 2016

Vote Rigging and the Clinton Foundation.

So it turns out that the voting machines for half the country were provided by a company that donates to the Clinton Foundation.  If we add those provided by Soros connected Smartmatic, an absolute majority of machines have ties to the hard Left.  I continue to ask why anyone would depend on machines which can be rigged, without paper backup.

We see all these stories about votes being changed on the screen.  Self evidently, they can also be changed AFTER the vote is cast, in a way invisible to the voter and any observers who may be present.  We are being fucking stupid in much of this country.

I did want to comment briefly on the Clinton Foundation, on how it likely works.  I see much suspicion, but have seen little targeted commentary.

Given that the Clinton Foundation only donates just over 5% of its donations to actual charities, we can assume nobody considers it a serious charity. They likely do fund some AIDS/HIV programs, but if they collect a billion dollars, that means $50 million goes to charity. That is a good chunk of money, but what happened to the rest?

They have not been audited, but it seems a virtual certainty that many illegal and unethical things are going on. They have likely figured out how to bribe people with the money, by awarding them contracts for work they don't do.

They likely use the Foundation as a way to fly everywhere and enjoy ridiculously opulent vacations, through tenuous or even fabricated charity connections. Their cars, and jets and perhaps even boats, perhaps even houses, can be bought with this money.

They can illegally pull money out, by setting up shell charities, and getting a good accountant, and paying off regulators.

It's a great racket. And they have also set up a system of bribery. The VERY BEST face one can put on this story is that this company donated to the Clinton Foundation expecting to be awarded government contracts.

The worst, self evidently, is that they not only donated to the Foundation, but worked with them to rig the machines. They only have half the market: they no doubt want it all, and helping put the Clinton's in office would give them that.

I smell coffee in the air. I hope the hangover of decades of mental sludge will prove superable.

Edit: this is what I'm talking about:

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